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First of all my apologies for my bad English.

In my opinion they totally destroyed the borg.
In TNG en First Contact they needed a fleet of ships who where no match against the Borg and in Voyager they were almost powerless.
And there was almost no struggle between the Marque and Starfleet personnel, i mean the Marque were supposed to be terrorist.
Voyager was also never in danger, they had always power, photon torpedo's, shuttles.
I mean they were on food rations but the holodeck were always online.
And Janeway was a dictator
Destroyed the Borg?? Voyager was always running away from the Borg and when they Engaged a Borg ship they get heavily damaged and barely survived except in Endgame lol

There are approx 17 episodes that had the Maquis as center stage or story Maquis related,as i already pointed out they are in a new Quadrant hostile alone...fighting each other more then that is pointless.

Voyager was never in dangerSpecies 8472?the Hirogens?the Vidiians?the Malon?the Krenim?the Borg???

The torpedoes and shuttle problematic was explained by Rick Sternbach in season 5 extras. they trade or found the elements required to make more torpedoes/shuttles.

So many episodes talk about them being low on power having issues with ship systems,landing on planets to refuel and repair etc...

I bet you never watched the series since everyone repeats the same things in the same format.

I will not tolerate this Typhoon of hate on Voyager .
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