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Variety's Vulture had an article up late yesterday:
The Star Wars TV Show May Get Some Play at ABC
where they mention:
A potentially great side effect of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm: That Star Wars TV show — the adult-oriented one that's been likened to "Deadwood in space" — may actually happen sometime this decade. Fifty scripts overseen by recently departed Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum have been sitting on a shelf for a while, and they now look a little more viable with ABC right there in the corporate family.
Entertainment Weekly noted yesterday:
The financials for a big-budget TV show are more compelling if the license fee and other income sources stay in the family. Already one Star Wars-related project is in the works for kids network Disney XD. Cartoon Network's popular and innovative animated title The Clone Wars will likely shift to XD after its current deal expires.
While the 2015 release date for the next feature film affects the TV show I will bet we will see the TV series before 2020. Disney XD will be the wrong place for a dark TV series. If they water it down it could work on a high quality cable network that Disney may be grooming for the next half dozen years. Broadcast ABC network I think is also not a great fit at the moment.

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