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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

^ I've made note of it and I'll have to get it when it's out on home video. It looks like a fun movie with a novel twist on the zombie genre.

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Well, I think I found 2012's version of Tree of life, the movie the critics all praise but I just didn't get it. Beasts of the Southern Wild is an amazing film to look at, but I couldn't get into the narrative at all. Hell, it almost didn't seem like the Narrative flowed all that well, what with cutting to the boars who I thought represented Hushpuppy's journey until they showed up at the end, to that whole thing in that club. Was that scene really needed? Did it show what Hushpuppy was trying to fantasize about her mother? I don't know and I didn't think the movie knew either.

However, the reason I'm giving this movie was C+ was because it was a beautiful film to look at. I really liked following the movie through the innocent eyes of a child, and I will say that Quallis's nomination was deserving. She did a great job. Also, I'm not sure if this film was nominated for best score, but man what a score they had. I even watched the end credits because of that music. That was some epic music. Overall, decent movie that was held back because of the un-flowing narrative.
I saw this one last year. It was so odd that I didn't know what to make of it. It was the first movie I almost didn't give a grade to. A lot of it is fading from my memory but it had some good lines and I loved the creation bit.
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