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Re: TOS Microtapes: help me settle a debate!

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They look a lot like solid state hard drives to me!
Or slices of Velveeta.


Even the green ones? Time to throw out that loaf of Velveeta.

Or, maybe, "Green Microtapes are PEOPLE!"
People, people, it's like Chevy Chase said about a certain product in the 70s ... "It's a desert topping AND a floor polish!"

So that would mean green microtapes are velveeta AND people! (probably invented by somebody named Dairyman who worked for Feinberg.)

(though the tapes themselves reminded me of a breakfast snack that I think was called Breakfast Squares. It came well after space food sticks, but I still stick them in the same category of 'pretty good for their time even though they have processed the hell out of them.')
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