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Re: So why doesn't Spock save Vulcan?

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With regard to risk, we're talking about the entire freaking planet, so risk seems acceptable.
One world versus the entire 130+ planet United Federation of Planets? I'm sure they would have something to say about being put at risk like that!
This nuTrek timeline has shown that people who are meant to be born are not only born, but have the job assignments they should have!
I don't remember a Starfleet Lieutenant Carol Marus serving on the Enterprise in The Original Series. I also remember a Yeoman Janice Rand in TOS. Spock aside, Pike's launch crew was also totally different to that of his Prime-Trek equivalent. Chekov is seen in engineering wearing red in the Into Darkness trailers. Things are similar, but not the same.

People who would still be shacking up and having kids if Spock intervened, so the those numbers wash out. What doesn't divide out are the billions of missing Vulcans.
But what about the future? With knowledge of future events, Romulus or at least their population may survive the supernova in 2387. Undo the events of STXI, and history's just gonna repeat itself.
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