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Re: Orci again claims new series in pre-development

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I still think that an animated series would be pitched to kids, 9-12 years old. A live action series would be pitched to adults, as long as it was on cable and had the expected levels of sex and violence. A Star Trek animated series pitched at adults seems like a long shot. All the adult animated series I can think of are comedies, so where's the successful template to follow?
Depends on what you mean by "successful". In terms of writing, you've got Tron: Uprising, which successfully manages to write up to an adult level (despite being aimed at kids) and avoids most of the pitfalls of post-Lost genre shows. If you're talking financially, there is none, because no one has intentionally tried to make an animated show for the adult demographic. Not even anime does that (otherwise you'd see more stuff with adult protagonists). Sure, going with an adult demographic is a bit of a risk, but with all those Toonami era kids who grew up watching scifi/fantasy anime (and possibly scifi cartoons on other channels), there's at least a segment of the population open to an animated scifi show and probably would support it as long as it wasn't horribly written/produced.

Movies are also very different from TV, and have become ever more cartoony and action oriented. Whatever the new TV series turns out to be, it will be crafted to fit into an existing ecosystem - kids cartoons, adult political or violence oriented serialized fantasy. Hopefully it can also retain its core identity, but don't expect anything like TOS or TNG to ever return. There's no place for that anywhere anymore. Even DS9 would be too sanitized and too episodic for the tastes of cable audiences today.
I dunno - DS9's level of serialization seemed about on par with USA's cable dramas (or at least when Burn Notice started - the shows got more serialized as they went on). That said, I don't think a lower level of serialization would hurt a new Trek show as much as poor writing in terms of characters, episode plots, and arcs would. That's the stuff that hooks viewers in and keeps them watching, not the amount of serialization in the show.
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