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Re: What happened to 'time travel at will'/slingshotting?

In the series of "doing the writers' job for them":

(1) They knew that traversing the galactic barrier produces Q-like powers in "espers" (Where No Man Has Gone Before). Granted, espers became super-powered dickwads, but if they were really up against it, they could do it by warping out to the galaxy's edge.
I wouldn't sweat this one, as the ratio of empowering/fatalities is a low one even when one has suitable espers aboard. The ratio of effects/no effects seems to be low as well: two times out of three, nothing much happens when our heroes go through the Barrier. In a crisis, those odds would do nobody any good, even assuming the crisis would allow one to take the time to go to the Barrier and back.

(2) They could simply synthesize a potion to give them the ability to conjure tremendous telekenetic abilities (Plato's Stepchildren - recall that these powers were used with great effect on the orbiting Enterprise).
The substance kironide itself was well known to our heroes, as was it's metabolic behavior in the body, but the telekinetic effects were a surprise; apparently, they do not normally manifest when people digest kironide.

Either the substance interacts with local tri-isopseudic fields, and when you move muscles saturated with it, you can manipulate those fields - which then manipulate other things saturated with or covered in kironide. But only on Platonius.

Or then the substance just makes you crazy as a cuckoo and you start to think that you are doing telekinesis, dancing, kissing, or pulling starships from the sky.

(3) They could synthesize a potion to allow them to live and act at tremendously high speed (Wink of an Eye). Sure would come in handy during a crisis.
Possibly. But the story-ruining potential isn't all that great... Remember the caveat that the body wears down real quick. Combine that with the fact that even if you move very fast, things like doors or guns around you will not do so, unless you also swallow another potion that gives you superhuman strength - and you begin to look for other ways to run rings around your enemy.

(4) They could time travel at will (Assignment: Earth).
Which probably did quickly put a stop not just to drama and tension, but to everything else as well, bringing about the end of the universe, and resulting in things being reset...

(5) They stole a cloaking device, which they never used again (Enterprise Incident).
After this episode, the heroes did not exactly encounter situations where they would have wanted to hide their starship. Spinoff shows and movies got mileage out of the device, though.

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