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Re: So why doesn't Spock save Vulcan?

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Check out the recent novel, "DTI: Forgotten History" by Christopher L Bennett. The USS Enterprise's engines were subtlely altered by their first (accidental) time travel (in "The Naked Time"), permitting a certain ease of use ("Assignment Earth", etc) - and the slingshot trick replicated later, in a Klingon vessel (ST IV), was extremely risky.
That's great, but it's hardly binding. I'm sure I could dig up a few Trek writers who suggest many different things.

With regard to risk, we're talking about the entire freaking planet, so risk seems acceptable.

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In any case, he'd be saving the Vulcan in this new timeline. The Vulcan of the prime universe is still there where it belongs.
The nature of the time-travel in the film, as some have noted, is not entirely clear.

The question, however, is simple. If you can save billions of your people, in the universe you are in, do you save them or not?

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Do you want him to save Amanda, too? Kirk's father? Chief Engineer Olsen? Cadets who get killed in the movie? Where is the cut-off? All the characters probably have dead relatives they'd like him to return.
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The difference is by the time Spock arrives in the new timeline, it had been chugging along for twenty-five years. How many billions of lives would he change, how many people would he be assigning to non-existence if he decided to go back and fix it?
This nuTrek timeline has shown that people who are meant to be born are not only born, but have the job assignments they should have!

People who would still be shacking up and having kids if Spock intervened, so the those numbers wash out. What doesn't divide out are the billions of missing Vulcans.

And if we have a scruple about those 25 years, Spock could time travel to right before the Narada attacks Vulcan and assault it then as a measure of least intervention to save billions of lives, his home, his mother, his race, his culture.
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