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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The 2013 list:
1. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas: C-
2. Les Miserables(2012): B
3. Lincoln: A+
4. Parental Guidance: C+
5. Warm Bodies: B

I admit I may be grading this on a curve. I got free sneak passes via my Regal Rewards Member Card. I had extremely low expectations going into this. A zombie/comedy/romance film released on the heels of a new Texas Chainsaw film(that did well) screams just being released due to contractual obligation.

John Malkovich is the biggest name but he's got a small supporting role. The lead is Nicholas Hoult(Beast, XM:FC) and Teresa Palmer(I Am #4). Rob Corddry may be known to some.

It sets it's own zombie rules. Our main character 'R'(Hoult) can think and remember some things, other things he can't. They are mostly slow zombies but when the story dictates it they become faster, slow jog, zombies. The zombie state in this story seems to be an intermediate condition. You can devolve into what is called a bony/skeleton. The zombie's think of them as bony, the humans call them skeletons but to a human both are no longer salvageable.

It's not elaborated on but something is triggered in 'R'(love?) when he sees Julie(Palmer), even before he eats her ex-boyfriends brains. This starts into motion the revelation that the zombies can be saved and regain their humanity.

A solid fun renter for sure. I don't recommend that it's worth matinee price even($8.50 here) cause there is no great f/x, cinematography or action scenes. The crowd all seemed to enjoy it as well.
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