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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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Everything about the film would have been forgivable if Data hadn't been killed off.
As I said in another thread, having finally seen all of it, instead of just parts...It's better than the reviews. It's just kind of pointless, and hollow. But it's only cringeworthy moment is the desert chase (and to a lesser degree the 'we should give Riker something to do fight')

Whereas Insurrection had plenty of cringeworthy moments.

It's certainly not so bad that it should have done that poorly at the box office. I didn't pay to see it based on the bad buzz and "Clones?? Again? And another Data? ugh." But surprisingly I found Shinzon to be fine and his B4's trope was inverted so he was fine too. Being a backdoor for Data's return was kind of dumb, and frankly...if I were a crewmember...knowing that Data's engrams overwrote B4, I still couldn't treat Data as B4 the same.

This is *exactly* my problem with B4. The whole point for his existance was for him to be a backdoor to bring Data back, but it just doesn't because of this particular reason. He could never be "Data" even if he has the same memories.

The movie had other major issues, and I've seen the movie 3 times now. The first time I felt like I got sucker punched and couldn't really think straight other than nausea. The second time I realized the whole movie had a forced dark theme to it, and it wasn't just Data's death, but the whole depressing way the movie ended. TNG went out not with a bang, but with a whimper.

I remember watching Star Trek 6, and even though it was a bit depressing to know that this was probably the last time we would see those characters on screen, we were given an ending that kept them together as a family, and even a "ride into the sunset" theme.

Why couldn't TNG finish off like that? Get rid of B4 completely, and have Data appear alive and well at the end, and that would have fixed 50% of the shit as it was filmed.

I agree Patrick and Spiner's ego ruined the film though, it's their interference that caused the major issues with the story as told.
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