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I've been rereading Spock's Wold recently and there's a passage that talks about how very few Vulcans have ever left their planet, let alone their system.
So? That novel isn't canonical. Enterprise showed us a Vulcan civilization with a large and active interstellar presence. That canonical evidence supersedes a decades-old novel, no matter how well-loved the novel is.
Nonsense. See my earlier comment about Romulus being the British Empire and suddenly having the British Isles disappear. How much of an Empire would be left? The percentage of British citizens, as opposed to colonials such as India, was a minuscule fraction.
There wouldn't be millions of British subjects in India. There would be millions of people of British descent, recent emigrants and otherwise, in various parts of the empire: Canada, Australia, South Africa ...

There would still be British bases, primarily naval ports and there would be some civilians ling amongst the colonial population but you wouldn't have an Empire to run things any longer. How is that arbitrary or incomprehensible? There's no reason, however, to portray them as humans in silly foam appliances either.
What do you think about the portrayal of Cardassians as a colonizing sort?

Essentially I see it as Romulus having orbital bases around planets with indigenous populations. Of course there would be a few on the surface at any time but they'd much prefer to be up above, looking doen on the natives. On wholly Romulan colonies it would essentially be country homes for the high ranking members of the government and military. A very small population, all Romulan. Why let some alien sully your worlds? We didn't see any aliens on Romulus. Where are the other members of the Empire? How about, there aren't any. They're basically slave labor and not allowed off their homeworlds or industrial planets like Remus.
What do you think about the novelverse's explicit establishment of your preferred version of Romulan colonization as a non-starter?
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