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Re: Speed of Ferengi cultural change: Believable?

Bear in mind that just because the law was officially changed doesn't mean the entire populace agree with it and everything is suddenly egalitarian and hunky-dory.

I mean, America has a black president now, but it doesn't mean there are no racists in the US.

The legal change has gone through quickly, yes. And women are no doubt quick to take advantage of it, expanding their businesses rapidly and catching the men off guard. Some men might well have secretly harboured pro-female feelings all along and were happy to receive the change in the law. Other men might be convinced, as you say, by sheer practicality - now every house has two wage earners instead of just one, why complain about that? But there will no doubt be plenty of men, perhaps even a majority, who are very unhappy about it. They may go along with it for the most part on fear of legal reprisals, but muttering and fighting it all the way. Basically, Quark is one of the latter.

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