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TNG and DS9 are better written and have superior characters but Voyager is still my favourite Trek series (not just because of all the fun that can be had by pointing out its flaws) because of the lost in space element - i liked the idea of them turning into a small travelling community....unfortunately, it never really happened to the extent that i would have liked

more crew should have hooked up, had families, more crew should have said screw this, i wanna give up being an ensign and start my own small business on board as a creator of artistic pots, more crew should have split from the star fleet philosphy and forced Janeway to deal with all this hippy nonsense throuhout the journey

at the end of the 37's, 60 or 70 crew members should have said, we're staying here to start new lives, more Delta quadrant aliens should have joined the crew and even become officers, more battle damage, a small riot in the captains dining room....(where did everyone else eat....sat alone like losers in their quarters) due to people pushing in the queues for much needed bread

oh....the possibilities - in the end hardly anyone hooked is that possible?, only Naomi Wildman was born an board and only Seven became a new crew member after the initial episode, endless supplies, lovely clean carpets (who the hell kept hoovering the entire ship?).....if i thought i'd be travelling for 70 years, i'd seek out a mate, start a family, consider leaving the ship, possibly give up star fleet to focus on my musical compositions, leave large quantaties of semen in the holodecks, you name it

such a shame it didn't explore any of this stuff more (especially who did all the hoovering)
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