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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

Alas, no, there wasn't. various members have asked for one, but it was decided (so far) by the board operators that there would not be enough "traffic" for a dedicated sub-forum. And, since the animated series is presented as a continuation of the "five year mission" and not too much was changed (other than the medium) it made sense to keep animated series topics under the umbrella of the original series section.

Now, ptrope, moderator of the Trek fan art sub-forum has toyed with the idea of recreating a single episode from the cartoon using digital model animation in sync with the original soundtrack. He thought "The Time Trap" might be one of the more intriguing choices since it would depict various Enterprise sets, area of a Klingon ship and a council chamber aboard an alien vessel. It would also present the opportunity to show a variety of aliens including Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, Tellarites, a Gorn and a few others not seen in the original series like an aquatic female and an insectoid.

And while he has built sets for these locales, Fate has dealt her cruel hand by causing at least two, maybe three disk crashes that wiped his work. Right now, the project is in extended limbo, but feel free to ask Ptrope any questions. Let me search for his ongoing thread and I'll provide the link.


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