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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

Continental drift says that you are trying to escape from Europe, and current political leanings may agree with that odd quirk, so in a month or few you won't be European.

The Greater German Empire after the certain Nazi victory was intended to be called "Neuropa" as in New Europe, and I doubt that they would have left Great Britain consolidated, that Ireland and Scotland would have been freed of English Occupation even if all the menacing Tommys were replaced by holidaying Stormtroopers.

I doubt that they would have let your lot join Neuropa until England officially adopted Deutch as their National language, even though they'd certainly tax the shit out of you as a protectorate and force reparations for losing the war out of you for the next thousand years.

And really, is it just me, or for the year 2000 celebrations, wouldn't the Nazi's have renamed Earth "Germany" just to forgo any doubt about their short term goals?

Or would there even be a year 2000 when we had our year 2000 if, all things considered, that they started the clock again from Victory Europe Day, or Victory America Day, perhaps the Party getting into power in 1933 or even Hitler's birthday in 1889?

Did Hitler have plans for the "Red Indians" like so many other singled out ethnicities?

Get this, he gave the Mormons a pass because he couldn't take them seriously.
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