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Re: VOY Caption This 97; Sense and Sensibility

Janeway: Ensign Wildman...Samantha... what is it?
Wildman: Warn..the...crew... don't the..chicken
Janeway: What the hell is that smell...OH MY GOD.

Kellin: I thought chicken curry was on the menu today?
Chakotay: apparently there was an issue with food poisoning and explosive diarrhoea...poor Samantha. Still we managed to destroy it all...well apart from one pot we can't account for

Doctor: So I was going to make something from scratch but when I went down to the mess hall there was no one around so I managed to sneak a pot of chicken curry
B'Elanna: Your so bad...but this is delicious!

<B'Elanna thinking> Oh oh!!!

Paris: She was this close to making it to the John then bam...all up the wall and down the back of both legs!
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