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Re: Did Replicator Rations Quadruple ater The Void?

I knew my numbers were off, but I'm tired, so tired, I'm tired, tired of playing the game, ain't it a crying shame? I'm so tired, God dammit I'm exhausted!

JANEWAY: Neelix, we have another guest for dinner.
NEELIX: Always room for one more, Captain.
BOSAAL: Who did you raid to get fresh vegetables?
JANEWAY: They're replicated. One of the crews that joined us had technology that tripled our replicator efficiency.
NEELIX: It may not be a gourmet feast, but we can feed five hundred people a day now using half the power it took us a few days ago.
JANEWAY: Why don't we sit down?
They were in an extraordinary situation. And in this situation no one persons rations increased. Policy on the other hand, after they got out, would have been up for debate, unless Kathryn made an executive decision, no one had the balls to question.
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