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Re: Dumb Question of the day..

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I'm wondering why lately I see a lot of people put the $ sign after the Figure?

EG; For sale Small Fridge 50$ OBO

When it should be.

Like For sale Small Fridge $50 OBO.

Just Curious?
They do it because we say "fifty dollars", and not "dollars fifty". I'm not sure it's important or a sign of illiteracy.
Isn't that the perfect example of the rampant illiteracy he's talking about, though? They're not writing it the way it SHOULD be written, they are writing it they way they've heard it. Fifty Dollars, so 50$, right?

Would love to blame globalization and international culture, but we're talking about Craigslist, right? How cultured do those folks seem to YOU? Can't spell their way out of a wet paper bag (spell check your ad, maybe?), no pictures of something that obviously requires them, tell them to contact you, but no phone number or email in the ad, etc. Not the jet-setting type.

This is the fun downward slide of English. txt speak, calling people a looser on forums, repeating 'mute point' to the extent that it's borderline acceptable, etc. People are idiots, and no one cares anymore...
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