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Re: 2012 Oscar Nominations

I don't think Argo nor Les Miserables deserved best picture nominations. And although I'm waiting to be convinced when I see Django Unchained, it does seem unlikely Tarantino has suddenly become a good film maker.

I didn't believe Argo even while I was sitting in the theater, forget any pesky questions coming to mind while walking through the theater lobby. The drunken eagle cam in Les Miserables was disconcerting, not artful. Frankly, Kathryn Bigelow as near as I can tell was the designated anti-James Cameron/Avatar vote by people who preferred Mark Boal's subtext to Cameron's. So I can't agree that there is anything peculiar about directorial shut outs for Affleck, Bigelow and Hooper.

I've already forgotten if Skyfall got any nominations. A movie so unremarkable for anything good but box office deserved to be forgotten.

Sally Field is actually a lead actress but apparently the politics of campaigning require mislabeling. This is a shame I imagine, since it seems likely that a flashy song performance by Anne Hathaway will be favored over a genuinely accomplished role.
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