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The word you were looking for is "foster".
Haha thank you, so weird but now I would not have any trouble finding that word, guess I was too tired or braindead when I posted before..

Did I even post a piccy of my cute other kitty? Our little calico Fay (she's not little, 3,5 kilo by now but since out tomcat is almost twice as big she always seems little). She'll always be shy, she was found as stray kitty with mom and siblings when she was 2 days old, ended up in two foster families (because of fungal outbreak if that's what you call it she had to move from one) and in the shelter eventually, when we got her people had already returned her (like she was just a toy or something, she was just 13 weeks when we got her, they did not give her time to adjust) because they found her too shy.

Well, she's shy, she's got a temper, and a serious manual, she's a fussy eater but we love her all the same. She can't meow properly either, all that comes out is a little squeek that far away sounds like "mew"..

Let me introduce to you, the Lady Fay:

She's also a bit camera shy, so good pics of her are rare, these are almost a year old.
One pic that is a little older still but I still love is one that shows that she doesn't always love her "big brother" Jamie, he often wants to play and she doesn't so then it turns out something like this:

Oh and @B.J. : good to hear it seems your kitty is doing so well! What a picture too, cute little bare bottomed kitty.
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