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Re: Painters: Need help impressing a girl.

Oh, this thread is going to be fun... Where's Gaith? I enjoyed arguing with him in the last one. We need teacake too.

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I agree with Doubty.
No, don't do that! Doubty sucks and is boring.

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If you buy things and then practically force her to paint you will completely put her off. Inspiration is not something you can switch on and off like a light. You are trying to force her to paint. To an artist that's almost like rape.
Force? I didn't say anything about force. Bold encouragement is what I'm going for. I am an artist, and I know how creativity works. Well, more specifically, I know what prevents it from working. I'm not going to force her. I know there's a good chance this won't result in a painting. I'll present an opportunity, offer some encouragement, and see what happens. If she doesn't paint, that's fine. I know enough about her to know that she'd appreciate me doing something like this and not find it off-putting. Even if it doesn't result in a painting, it will help.

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Go at it from a different angle:
tell her you'd like to learn how to paint and ask her for help and advice.
It wouldn't work. She already knows I have no talent for visual art. Showing an interest in her painting, however, is a good idea. Which, I have and I am. I'm doing other things to encourage her. When I do the Surprise Art Set thing, it won't be completely unexpected.

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(Excuse me being so blunt, but I fear this is the only way I can make you realize what you're about to do: if you keep lacking every sense of tact and diplomacy and keep applying sheer force instead, you will never get any woman, let alone an artist. You're using a battering ram to open a crate of delicate antique china!)
Do I really strike you as someone who would be offended by bluntness? Anyway, you make a good point. However, there's plenty of room between tact and diplomacy and sheer force. Boldness doesn't mean lacking tact. She knows I do things like this, has seen some of it, and definitely likes it. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't be thinking about doing this. Also, you know nothing of my battering ram technique. I'm rather good with that thing.

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Instead why not take her to inspiring places, visit galleries together, check out great architecture or visit the countryside, anywhere there are stunning views. If she has been a painter for many years she likely either has the stuff she needs, or knows where to get it (and likely knows what kind of art supplies she needs. Does she paint on canvas or board, does she paint using oil or acrylics, or is she more into chalks/pastels.)
Good ideas. This is going to take some effort and more than one attempt. Even if she does paint something when I present the opportunity, it'll only be a start, and I'll have to do more to keep her painting.

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I'm a writer, and if a girl I was dating presented me with a typewriter I wouldn't think 'Gee that's sweet', I'd think 'shit I'm dating Kathy Bates!'
I'm a writer as well. If a woman gave me a typewriter, it might work. While I've used typewriters before, I was mostly just playing with them as a kid, I've never actually written using one. It would depend on how she went about it though. As for this girl I'm dating, I'm not just going to throw her in front of some canvas and command her to paint. I plan on setting the mood first. Maybe doing one of the things you suggested beforehand would be a good idea.

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Do you know what sorts of paints she uses? Like does she do oil , acrylic? The supplies will depend a lot based on that. And paint can get very expensive (obviously canvas can too). I don't know what the best art supply stores are by you but if you are going to get stuff from a place like Michaels, stalk the coupons and start picking up things on sale each week. I got two tabletop easels for a steal last year by doing that, nothing fancy.
That was one of the questions I forgot in the OP, what information I'd need from her. So far she's only shown me cell phone pictures of her work. If I can get her to show me some actual paintings I can figure out most of what I need to know. It would be best if I can get a look at her art supplies, but that might be difficult as she's not actively using them.

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But one thing to consider is that you often can't force this sort of thing. I've been wanting to paint the past few weeks because I've finally got my own place and I think it would be a great outlet to deal with stuff going on in my personal life. But I just don't feel like painting. And I would hate it if someone put an easel and canvas in front of me and wanted me to paint. It would ruin everything about it for me.
Yes, I know I have to be careful about how I do this. That's why I'm planning now even though I'm not going to do it for another month or so. That, and it'll be a few weeks until I can afford art supplies. Even if you didn't just say you would hate something like this, if I was dating you, I probably wouldn't do this. I think that she herself would appreciate something like this, not that all artists in general would. Actually, I'm pretty sure most would hate it.

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Oh, one thing I did last year was this painting "class" where they just show you how to reproduce a famous painting. I mean, you don't have to do just that, and I kind of went off the path rather quickly. But you could drink at the event, there wasn't pressure to be especially creative, they provided all the materials, and I had a good time with my friend. Look around and see if there's anything like that maybe?
Funny you should mention that, as I was thinking of doing this. Taking Creative Writing last semester got me writing again, so I thought taking a painting class might get her painting again. I was going to suggest it the next time I see her.

For the record: I'm just going to suggest it. I'm not going to sign her up for a class myself or reanimate Salvadore Dali's corpse and hire him to give her private lessons or anything.

Hmm... no, I'll just suggest it. I may, however, decide to resurrect Dali for other purposes.
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