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Re: "AGE OF THE HOBBITS": Asylum finally sued for making ripoff movies

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Any reviews of this movie yet?

For these kinds of movies, the reviews tend to be much more fun reading than seeing the movie itself!
Yes there is:

Its actually getting 3-4 stars in some of the reviews I have seen, so it seems its better than their usual "quality". Though that might disappoint the hardcore fans of fans of Asylum, who expect it to be that "so bad its funny" kind of thing.

I might check this out myself, since I am fan of Bai Ling
plus having Christopher Judge in the cast helps, too.

I have not seen almost any of the Asylum films yet..but I am planning to get few in the future. Its very educational stuff for any film buff. Plus it is sometimes so much fun to just watch some really bad films.
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