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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

You write about it as if it were a fact that (one of) the corridors shown in "In A Mirror, Darkly" were supposed to be inside one of the warp nacelles.
Actually, what I mean is that these angled tubes, never seen as part of any sets in the ENT episode, were nevertheless used by Drexler as an element in the forward halves of the nacelles and seen in the schematic the Mirror Archer and Tucker closely examine. (In terms of such detail, this artwork precedes ENT, of course - Drexler first did it for the Captain's Chair CD-ROM, apparently).

Were those ever lit?
I don't think so. Then again, unlit features of that shape speckle the outer hull elsewhere - right next to lit features of that shape. Therein lies the problem, the possibility that these might be portholes Where No Man Has Any Business Going, or that they might look like portholes for mysterious reason X.

It's nuances, but it carries consequences, so I'm quite curious to see what Peter can come up with here. Is all.

Timo Saloniemi
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