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Re: Painters: Need help impressing a girl.

Ok the first thing you should do is watch Bridesmaids, specifically the scene where Chris O'Dowd's character decides to encourage kristen wiig's character to bake again...

Seriously I'm not an artist but I can imagine being presented with a blank canvas and told to paint would be the least inspiring thing ever...

Instead why not take her to inspiring places, visit galleries together, check out great architecture or visit the countryside, anywhere there are stunning views. If she has been a painter for many years she likely either has the stuff she needs, or knows where to get it (and likely knows what kind of art supplies she needs. Does she paint on canvas or board, does she paint using oil or acrylics, or is she more into chalks/pastels.)

I'm a writer, and if a girl I was dating presented me with a typewriter I wouldn't think 'Gee that's sweet', I'd think 'shit I'm dating Kathy Bates!'
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