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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

One could also argue for the opposite, sort of: that walls observed at funny angles bespeak of the significant capacity of the transporters.

Supposedly, these machines are a key element in starship logistics. The six-platform stage is capable of handling major pieces of equipment, in terms of dimensions, and the actual teleportation machinery doesn't seem to suffer from bulk or mass limitations, either. But the doorway to the room is quite limiting! How are the logistics handled beyond the initial beam-in?

Perhaps the back wall is a moveable partition, and can fold up accordion style to reveal a cargo elevator system beyond... Exactly like the actual set walls can!

Indeed, perhaps all the wall elements aboard the ship are a closer match to their studio plywood alter egos than we give credit for. The outer skin may well be the structural strongback of the ship (c.f. the way the engine pylons seem to attach without major internal structures that would be visible inside the landing bay/hangar), and the interiors could be rearranged with fairly limited effort.

The wall segments need not be flimsy, though. Absent modern forcefield technology, perhaps the way to limit hull breach damage is to fold the nearest wall panels out to block the corridor?

Timo Saloniemi
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