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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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I'm not waiting for a damn thing.
I meant in this in a general sense.

I promote inclusion and diversity in all my writing. But what I see as I get older is a world that's getting increasingly closer to the way I've always believed it should be, and I feel good about that. It's worth celebrating the gains and victories. That doesn't mean you're blind to the hurdles that remain.
I don't think inclusion has ever really been that much of a problem. Hollywood movies have always included ethnic minorities.

I'm not going to refer to your personal writings, but whatever form of Star Trek media has taken the place of the now defunct TV series format (movies, books, comics, etc.).

Why not a black male starship commander, with a white female love interest? Why not an Asian male starship commander, with a white (or Asian female) love interest? I admit, I don't read Star Trek literature, but I would gladly pick up a copy of an ST book or comic if anyone tries to break the common mold. Why not the all-American work in the engine room, and have the one with the thick Scottish or Russian accent command the ship?

Ever notice how humorous it appears when we see a futuristic movie from the 50's that's supposed to take place in the 70's, and everyone is still wearing a crew cut or a grease job? "If it's the 70's, where are the bell-bottoms"? Or a futuristic movie made in the 70's that's supposed to take place in the 90's or the new millenium, and then it becomes "what's with the bell-bottoms"? Well if ST represents the future, 24th century or what have you, why not break some 2003 stereotypes along with it?
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