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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Ezri: Let me see if I've got this straight. Admiral Cartwright is not Lorne Greene?
Sisko: No. Lorne Greene played an Admiral and a character named Cartwright on a different series.
Ezri: And your father...?
Sisko: Is played by the actor who also played Admiral Cartwright; but he is not Admiral Cartwright.
Ezri: But you just said he is Admiral Cartwright.
Sisko: He was, yes. But now he is my father.
Ezri: And who are the Cylons again? Shapeshifters?
Sisko: Cylons are space robots that attacked the other Admiral played by Lorne Greene, who also played a cowboy named Cartwright and a different space admiral named Adama, once played by Cartwright, I mean Greene, and someone named Almos. Like Shapeshifters, Cylons take on our appearance for deception and intrigue.
Ezri: But is Almos human?
Sisko: They are almost human, yes.
Ezri: Like your father, Admiral Cartwright?
Sisko: My father, yes. Admiral Cartwright, yes, but not any more.
Ezri: And you don't find these similiarities confusing?
Sisko: No, Ivanova, why do you ask?

Worf: Well, well, well - look what the targ dragged in. Are you dead or just hungover?

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