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But why would you WANT to do something that's already been done? Wouldn't it be more interesting to see differing outcomes?
Sure, but that doesn't mean this particular one is desirable or remotely plausible. The number of ad hoc rationalizations and logical convolutions you'd have to pile on top of each other to justify it makes it very unappealing, and I don't see anything to be gained by doing it. Kill every last Romulan? What the hell is the point? What do you do next? Certainly it's far more interesting to show the surviving elements of Romulan civilization coping with the loss of their homeworld.

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Note the word human. These are NOT humans. They're aliens. If they're going to act and react and respond just like humans they why even bother making them aliens?
That doesn't wash. Most Trek "aliens" are blatantly humanlike in their psychology. They're allegories for facets of human behavior or for human cultures. In 46-plus years, the Romulans have never been shown to behave in a way that would seem arbitrary or incomprehensible to humans. They've been used as analogues for Earth cultures from Ancient Rome to the USSR, maybe with a bit of North Korea thrown in given their bouts of isolationism. They have consistently been portrayed as an interstellar empire, a power using military force to conquer, control, and expand their territory. The notion that they would all be living on their home planet is simply not consistent with that. What you're proposing is to ignore everything we've ever learned about the Romulans and arbitrarily impose a whole new interpretation of them in order to justify a story choice that has no evident benefit or purpose.

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I've been rereading Spock's Wold recently and there's a passage that talks about how very few Vulcans have ever left their planet, let alone their system.
So? That novel isn't canonical. Enterprise showed us a Vulcan civilization with a large and active interstellar presence. That canonical evidence supersedes a decades-old novel, no matter how well-loved the novel is.
Nonsense. See my earlier comment about Romulus being the British Empire and suddenly having the British Isles disappear. How much of an Empire would be left? The percentage of British citizens, as opposed to colonials such as India, was a minuscule fraction.

There would still be British bases, primarily naval ports and there would be some civilians ling amongst the colonial population but you wouldn't have an Empire to run things any longer. How is that arbitrary or incomprehensible? There's no reason, however, to portray them as humans in silly foam appliances either.

Essentially I see it as Romulus having orbital bases around planets with indigenous populations. Of course there would be a few on the surface at any time but they'd much prefer to be up above, looking doen on the natives. On wholly Romulan colonies it would essentially be country homes for the high ranking members of the government and military. A very small population, all Romulan. Why let some alien sully your worlds? We didn't see any aliens on Romulus. Where are the other members of the Empire? How about, there aren't any. They're basically slave labor and not allowed off their homeworlds or industrial planets like Remus.

I've never said that ALL Romulans would be wiped out. A large part of their empire would be by the supernova. Why else would Spock feel the need to stop it AFTER Romulus had been destroyed? He said he didn't have much time. Time for what? Letting the blast go beyond the point of no return.

In regards to Vulcan colonies this is what Memory Alpha has:

Vulcan Colonies
These colonies were established by the Vulcan High Command. Many of them are older than the Federation itself.
Paan Mokar
Vulcanis Lunar Colony

It's missing P'Jem but it was a listening post disguised as a monastery, not a full on colony.

The Vulcans wanted Paan Mokar for strategic reasons and to keep it out of Andorian control. Hardly a thriving colony world.

Vulcanis Lunar Colony could be in the Vulcan home system for all we know, perhaps on T'Khut or it's moon as seen in the initial release of TMP.

Vulcans don't seem to be the colonizing type either.
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