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Re: can star trek animated series be reanimated for a blu ray release

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Hi i just had a quick question. I just came up with a wonderful idea. Since the star trek animated series had pretty good stories but most people disliked it...
Trek fans had plenty of reasons for not liking TAS. I loved it! But others complained bitterly about 22-minute stories, a few weak concepts, numerous missed opportunities, no Chekov, Arex's extra limbs, M'Ress being a "furry", a few actors playing way too many voices in some episodes, and so little for the two new aliens to do.

So not just the "limited" animation style of Filmation that made the show able to meet its budget.

I postulated, years ago, padding out the episodes just a little with some new scenes, ie. between Arex and M'Ress, whom we saw lunching together in "The Practical Joker". The novelizations by Alan Dean Foster (the "Star Trek Logs") gave them both lots more to do, including flashback tales to expand their backgrounds.

But TAS is what it is. People are going to reject animated episodes of "Star Trek" for all kinds of reasons. It's really not going to earn CBS a lot more money than they'd get by rereleasing the TAS DVD set every few years, perhaps with new commentary tracks.
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