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Re: TNG Caption This! 299: Great Days Ahead!

^ Good one!

It's the Legarans, sir. They want your RSVP for their candlelight supper.

Did they request?

Yes sir. They said they were looking forward to your "Airing of Grievances" custom.

Make it so.

Picard to Yar, I require your expertise in my ready room.
A security matter, sir? Or is it another spider?
Bring a phaser, Lieutenant.

Worf: If you spent half the energy you use on the holodeck toward meeting people in Ten Forward, you would not need my help placing your singles ad on the Qo'nos central computer.

Geordi: It's a cultural exchange, Worf!

Worf: With benefits?

Geordi: There a law against benefits?

Troi: We're too late! Our Swatches have contaminated the culture!

Crusher: The new standard issue underwear have cut off the circulation to his brain.

LaForge: It could have been any one of us...

Picard: Who won the pool?

Crusher: The underwear pool? Or the Soong-type android gets killed doing something ridiculous pool?
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