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Re: Are we REALLY calling it STiD?

Earth will be thrown into chaos. Literally plunged into darkness. See one of the most anticipated scifi, space opera movies of the year
After Earth

Oops sorry I meant to say. In the future, Earth our home has been ravaged by detonation. One man will make a stand to decide the fate of the planet. From Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise stars in...


Oh snap still the wrong movie? I'm sorry it's just that there are some many apocalyptic future earth movies coming out this summer I can't keep them straight. This time for sure.

See an all American icon fight against a terrorist in a battle of epic porportions. A terrorist bent on subjugating the Earth with his awesome strength and superior mind. He will not rest till he has made humanity kneel. The most anticipated movie of 2013

I suppose having creative title for these kinds of movies is a big challenge.

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