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Re: I think Data just doesn't LIKE to use contractions.

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I think the writers they had around in the first season of TNG just really sucked.
Rather, their work was undermined by the uncredited rewrites done by an unhealthy Roddenberry and his lawyer Leonard Maizlish. Roddenberry's clique and its treatment of the rest of the staff drove away the good writers like David Gerrold and D.C. Fontana.

I could write an NLP program that can use contractions. Heck, I could practically do it in one line of code. str.replace(/can not/g, 'can\'t).replace(/will not/g, 'won\'t').etc. Data can interpret the exact meaning of complex grammar. I think Soong could manage that one line of code.
But the kind of computer program you would write is not a sentient mind. It's as inappropriate a comparison to Data as the brain of a housefly would be to your own. Data's brain is a neural network, like the human brain. As I've said repeatedly now, the best analogy is to a human being with high-function autism -- a complex, sentient mind, but one which processes concepts and information slightly differently than most humans do and thus can do some things more easily and others less easily. Such people do, in fact, often have trouble with contractions and slang, or at least are reluctant to use them. So you're utterly wrong to assume that it's unrealistic or contradictory. You're using the wrong analogy.

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Aspie kids talk like very short adults- Due to a very concrete understanding of language and advanced verbal skills, Aspie kids select and use their words carefully. Their vocal affect may sound stilted, or as if they are reading a speech off of note cards. They avoid lazy communicating, such as using slang or contractions. Instead of saying “I’m gonna’ go to karate after school, yay!” they would say something like “When school is finished I have a karate class. I like karate very much, and I am excellent at it. There are 7 kids in my karate class. There is David, and there is Robert, and…..” Aspie kids also usually don’t know how to end sentences or switch topics, and will often keep talking about a particular topic even though the listener is showing absolutely no signs of listening.
Going by that description, I could have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was a kid -- if the diagnosis had existed then!
I strongly suspect the same is true of myself. I don't fit that specific description, but I think I meet quite a few of the other criteria, and it would explain quite a lot about me.
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