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Re: popular culture?

I'd think Roddenberry's idea was that human civilization had matured above and beyond the Bread and Circuses of today, or as Guy Debord called it "the Society of the Spectacle."

From the Situationist International anthology:

"The future will only contain what we put into it now."

"The Golden Age was the age when gold didn't reign."

"Commodities are the opium of the people."

"The more you consume, the less you live."

"Are you a consumer or a participant?"

"You will end up dying of comfort."

"Boredom is counterrevolutionary."

"In the decor of the Spectacle, the eye meets only things and their prices."

Data, on regarding television: "That form of entertainment didn't last beyond the year 2040." I keep thinking Roddenberry meant more than just holodecks with that statement.
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