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Re: One Dollar Audios

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I don't know about RSS Feeds <Sindatur scribbles down another tech he needs to Google and learn to understand>
On the bf site, go to your account. Click on the "Subscribe to RSS" link, either towards the top/center, or on the right side of the screen (they do the same thing).

It will bring up a funny looking page with yellow background. Click the "subscribe" button. It'll ask you where you want to save the favorite. Choose your toolbar, call it BF or something simple.

Then, as long as you stay logged into BF, it will constantly stay updated with your latest available downloads. It'll know about them before you do!
OK, cool, thanks, I subscribed as I was Pre-Ordering Gallifrey V, and understand how it works

Oh, and I just listened to the trailer for Gallifrey V, and now I'm really excited. And S6 apparently comes out in October

Sorry, returning you to Dollar Audios
One Day I hope to be the Man my Cat thinks I am

Where are we going? And why are we in this Handbasket?

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