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1. the original line is simply "ugly girls try harder" which I think, but I'm not sure is a line from Twin Peaks (can't prove, but google tells me that this is something that Courtney Love has repeated, citing herself as a ugly girl who tries REALLY hard.), which is supposed to be an endorsement for ugly girls, or more so a criticism of very attractive girls who lay there and smoke a cigarette or read a book during the throws of full coitus.

2. It was a self deprecating comment on my part to tease the subject and seem to come off as a jerk if you answer the question "who wants an ugly girl" wrong, The argument has already presupposed that ugly girls are better so logically everyone wants an ugly girl because they try harder since who wants some who doesn't give a shit? Marsha Wallberg had a stand up routine where she claimed that Old guys last longer in bed than young guys, but who wants to have sex with an old guy for a really long time? See! It's her fault! I tacked her punchline on the end of some one else's joke and now you think I have original ideas! Ben Franklin said that men should marry old women because they're grateful. Do you want to pistol whip him as well?


3. What is an ugly girl? No one is completely ugly on the inside or outside but it's nice to see that you made a list... Even if they're all famous, powerful, talented, influential, dynamic, interesting, and "wealthy" women which is a little more important than "looks" and since famous people or multimultimillionaires are judged on a completely different scale than regular peopel, it's further more not an accurate comparison.

As far as Whoopie goes, she was passing. She was passing for young. She had always been about 15 years older than I thought she was. So although she's not the most attractive young woman, for her actual age she's not that bad when we thought she was in her early 30s when it was actually her mid 40s... Besides it's small price to pay to be Eskimo Brothers with Patrick Stewart.
Damn, I thought you folks would just laugh. I didn't expect you and Teacake to analyze it.
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