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Many clothes are cheap enough that it's just easier to buy a new whatever instead of mending your old one, and I can't even imagine having the time to sew whole new items.
Actually, that's part of my issue! I have yet to sit down and crochet a whole afghan mostly because it just isn't that cost effective. You really need to buy all the yarn up front (to be sure the dye lots are the same and the color will be consistent throughout) and it's just...cheaper to buy a blanket or a sweater than to make one a lot of the time.

I really love cooking and baking but its discouraging to see how frozen, pre-packaged, or processed foods and ingredients are often cheaper than buying the fresh ingredients to make a dish from scratch. It used to be that making things yourself, whether food, clothes, or otherwise was economical. Now it's something I have to set aside because I can't afford the supplies a lot of the time!
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