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Re: The upside-down Enterprise

ZapBrannigan wrote: View Post
I think one of Matt Jefferies' design concepts for the Enterprise, just after the spherical hull version (now known as the USS Horizon), was pretty much the final model but upside down.
That would be this one.

This is pretty close to the final design.

Albertese wrote: View Post
It was the final drawing right-side up. He had the prop department knock up a smallish model of it to push the design he favored (which is what we finally got) but the saucer and engineering hull were made of balsa and the engines were birch dowels (they had a pretty short time frame to finished model). Since the dowels were heavier, the model flipped over on it's string and Roddenberry really liked it that way and MJ had another fight on his hands to get it turned back right-side-up.
I've never heard that story before, but it sounds plausible. Source?
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