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When I told my religious friend about my Grandpa dying this past Monday, one of the first things he said was "is he going to heaven?"

I keep my atheism pretty quiet, mostly for job security. I also know for a fact that my Grandpa got kicked out of his Bible study group because he was trolling the Young Earth Creationist in the group, and that he didn't believe a word of the Bible. So, what, are you going to tell me he's going to hell? Because reading between the lines, that's what I got out of "is he going to heaven?"
My condolences, Mimic.

[rant]People like your friend make me feel embarrassed to be religious sometimes. No Christian should ever presume to know who is or isn't going to heaven (whatever the heck heaven even is). And if they insist on being that presumptuous, they should at least have the common decency to keep their mouth shut! Your friend was displaying lousy theology and gross insensitivity.[/rant]
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