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Re: Will there be an explaination for how enterprise can go underwater

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To be more accurate, if Berman and Braga featured an actual starship underwater the internet would be in an uproar by the people now shrugging it off.

Fluidic space doesn't count, the Delta Flyer is a shuttle, not a starship, and there were complaints about Xindi ships going underwater. I should know, I'm the one who made them.
It sounds like it's your endless complaining about things that are inconsequential to whether or not there's a good story and your arbitrary rules for what counts or not (that amazingly always support your argument) that are the problem then, not everyone else.

I'm curious, what is your basis for insinuating that it's the same people who complained about ships going underwater during Berman and Braga's tenure that are now giving JJ Abrams a pass on the same? I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but when I saw the ships underwater back then I thought it was a cool change of pace from the usual ships flying through space routine, and I feel the same way here. The technical issues never seemed bothersome to me, given all the other fantastical things the ships are capable of.

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I said Berman and Braga. Braga had nothing to do with Insurrection, thereby explaining why fandom didn't get in outrage.
You can't be serious. Are you putting on an act or something? Your excuses are ridiculous.
'First Contact' is the tale of a man who just wants to cash in on his creation so he can get wasted on an island full of naked women, but his fans keep insisting that he's a saintly visionary who has profoundly altered the world. AKA - 'I Don't Want to be a Statue: The Gene Roddenberry Story.'
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