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I dunno. I could rant about type 1 diabetes. I feel like the Trek BBS is the only place that gets to hear me rant about that, because I don't get the urge to rant about it very often and I don't rant about it to anyone in real life. I ranted about it on facebook one time. Usually I get a third of the way into typing the rant and then think, What fucking good will it do?

Here: Type 1 diabetes. It is not the same disease as the diabetes you know about so shut up. I have to choose some people at work to teach how to test my blood sugar and give me a shot of glucagon in case I have a seizure or pass out. It's not going to be awkward at all.

Everyone is fucking stupid about diabetes and doesn't know anything.

My first exposure to diabetes was Stacey from the Babysitters Club hiding it from her friends and ending up in the hospital because she doesn't manage it properly. I remember feeling so bad for her and thinking it was sad that in real life kids would have to deal with something like that. So, when people talk about diabetes, I don't think of weight issues, I think of poor Stacey having to inject herself for something that was out of her control!

I guess reading all of those Babysitters Club books turned out to be useful in the end. Still searching for a way to use the knowledge gained from Goosebumps...don't wear Halloween masks that meld to your face? Don't become a ventriloquist?
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