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Re: Things old ladies do...

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But what happens in the future? What happens if I ever have kids? Will my children grow up in a world where their grandmother didn't make them an afghan? Will we one day live on a planet where no grandmothers know how to make afghans? I shutter at the thought.
I'm your future. My grandmother made aghans for me and my two brothers back in the early 80s. I still have mine, and cherish it very much since she's been gone for since 2007.
When I was a kid my mom would occasionally sew things, but never with anything with a lot of technical detail. Well, a few years ago she made some really nice quilts for my son and daughter and newphews. They're not afghans, but they are really nice and very sturd so I'm sure they'll last a long time.
So I guess don't sell your mom short, she may come through for you down the road.
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