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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

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Signs and Portents is awesome, simply the best. No wonder the season is named after it.

But, as I have said MANY times before - you aint seen NOTHIN yet!!!!

Nice to see it's not all love and joy like in Star Trek.
Nope - MUCH more interesting than happy happy joy joy ST.

The Quality of Mercy - I don't like the doctor, he's boring and wooden.
God - you are gonna HATE it when they make him an Australian aborigine and send him on w*******t.

Glad the storylines mixed with the bad guy. Interesting the punishment for murder.
Remember that.

Oh and it was VERY nice to see Mrs. Robinson.


Eye - Earth really is even.
Funny - they seem odd to me!

The universe seems so large, I don't get the talk of a reboot. Just do another spinoff! Set it in 2298 or something.
Yeah but, as Harlan Ellison once noted, idiot kids with the attention spans of gnats consider nostalgia what they had for breakfast.

It WILL happen.
"A coughing robot named General .... 'GRIEVOUS' .... really?!? REALLY?!?!?!

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