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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

Fast food. All too often I'm getting home from work, am really tired, and thus I get some fast food. It's not as bad is I once was with it, but still not something I'm proud of.

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I take handfulls of sugar and splenda packets from Starbucks for the coffee and tea I have at home.
Napkins. Always. When I'm out eating and there's napkins, I grab a few more then I'm gonna use so I always have something handy if i need to blow my nose or just need a piece of paper.
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I carry the Big Purse into the movie theater, so hubby and I can sneak snacks in without paying the ridiculously high prices.

Of course, when I go WITHOUT hubby, I totally buy popcorn there, which he forbids me to do. But he's not there, so screw it.
I mostly go to our local theater. They're good people and I'm a regular so I usually buy something, if not the full popcorn/drinks/candy thing every time.

As for other theaters when I go to them, yeah I usually buy some stuff.

Kinda curious, any reason why he forbids you to? Just the pricing or secret toxins?
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I've never been to a Trek convention, but I can rank (ha ha get it?) the types of conventions I've been to by their "funk factor":


Video game conventions: Maximum funk
Oh Gods, all the fucking CoD kids that where at the game convention my brother's school had a booth at...You literally passed by the FPS corners and the stench... The stench defies description.
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