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Re: Monarchy within the Federation.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Did anyone even know about the situation with the Troglytes until Kirk and crew showed up there?
Spock knew of their existence. The situation with the group called "The Disruptors" seemed to be a surprise

tighr wrote: View Post
A Class system would imply that you are capable of moving up and down between the classes ...
It also implies that you can move sideways within your own class, something as I understand it you can't do with a caste system.

Droxine said that the Troglytes did the mining, but also they tilled the soil. So they're not all miners, some are farmers. If a young person has the option of farming, mining or some other occupation, then there is no caste system. At least not for them. And while a member of the aristocracy might have invented the anti-gravity devise that holds Stratos in the sky, I doubt the aristocracy actually built the city. The Troglytes, or different "middle class" professional class?
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