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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Maybe I missed something, but if Sulu was supposed to get Excelsior by "the end of the month" why was Doogie Howser's dad the captain in the next movie?

Seriously, I don't think I've ever come across an explanation for that.
Well the novelization of SFS addressed it to some degree, with Sulu having been tarred by the brush of the Genesis affair (all that X-FILES/Watergate conspiracy feel of SFS is even more retro than TUC at times.)

it obviously worked out better for Sulu this way, since he didn't have to deal with the 'lemon' version of EXCELSIOR, and presumably only got command after it had been taken from experimental status (NX) to fully operational (NCC)

But there's a lot in TWOK that is ignored or contradicted in SFS. Even though all the 'Saavik is half-Rom' stuff is cut from TWOK, it is clear she ain't a straight Vulcan anyway, given the swearing, the emotional moodswings (she sounds like a panicked cheerleader when she squeak out, 'prepare for warp speed') and her coming on to Kirk (more pronounced in the ABC version by far, with a closeup that left very little open to interpretation.)

Yet in SFS Saavik -- as directed by Nimoy, so understand this is no criticism of Robin Curtis, who I think has gotten the short end of the stick from everybody for decades when I know for a fact she is capable of delivering a much fuller-blooded performance based on a forceful and devoted schoolteacher she once played later in the 80s -- is about as unemotional a Vulcan as one could imagine, only occasionally letting excitement over a discovery hint at emotions within. Certainly her lameass 'Admiral - David is dead' as Nimoy directs it is an epic stupendously embarrassing fail.
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