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Re: Things old ladies do...

My grandma would make these super heavy chocolate cakes with a thick fudge frosting. She was born in Russia, but I don't know if that's where she learned it. I can't imagine it. Anyway, when her older son, my uncle, was in the military during WW2, she'd send one to him. Since it was baked in a can, it was cylindrical. And solid. And heavy. I was told that it was one of the few baked good that could travel and be received intact. I've never seen a cake so solid since hers. My dad did not learn to bake. He was lucky to find the kitchen.

My bubbie would knit/crochet. I'm so ignorant, I'm not sure which she did. Anyway, she did blankets, too. Even though she was difficult to get along with, she agreed to knit one for me if I bought the wool. Evidently, I bought real heavy wool and she was a bit upset. But she knit it anyway. I really wish she had been easier to get along with because she was really good at telling stories. When she wasn't being someone you'd avoid. My mom didn't learn to knit.

But mom could sew! She sewed my wedding dress, a simple-ish one. Heck, she sewed her own wedding dress. With 30-something buttons down the back and a line of buttons on each sleeve. Not what they do now, with a zipper covered by buttons. Real buttons that had to be individually buttoned. I really wish she had taught me how to sew. Now her arthritis is too bad and she's amazed at my ignorance about sewing.

You know, this thread is pretty good at showing me how ignorant I am! Not sure whether to laugh at that or not, you know?
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