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Re: Billie Piper not involved in 50th anniversary

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Heh, that was pretty rude of her, not to even bother saying goodbye to The Doctor. And, also, pretty uncaring of The Doctor to just take their word for it, no questions asked. For all he knows, they could've mugged her and left her bleeding in an Alley
You know what really sucks? That's the only Ben and Polly story that is still 100%. Smugglers, Power of the Daleks, Macra Terror, and Highlanders (Jamie's first) are all gone. Tenth Planet, Underwater Menace, Moonbase,and Faceless Ones are all incomplete. All four episodes of War Machines still survive, and they're on DVD.

Why is this sad? Because Ben was a really HOT Navy boy, who only wore his Navy costume ... *drool*
Yea, Ben was HAWT, though he was a bit of a prick sometimes, LOL

Moonbase, actually, there is a very good Talking Animated Telesnaps Reconstruction of Ep 1 and 3, that I believe isn't distracting at all, it's almost as good as watching the actual episodes, much better, IMHO, then the standing Telesnaps Reconstructions

Ep 1, which will guide you to Ep 3
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