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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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We have the first part of a special interview with Robert Meyer Burnett who - along with Roger Lay - is responsible for the TNG Bonus features.

Some fascinating insights into the behind-the-scenes struggle to interview Diana Muldaur for Season 2 along with some cool teasers about things to come in future seasons:

Looking forward to the rest of the interview. Interesting tidbit about "F"ing up the Final Frontier DVD set. As for TNG, With all the beautiful new shots, I still think the special features have been the best part of these sets and I can't wait to see what they have in store for the upcoming seasons. I have a feeling I know except for Season 4. Anything interesting happen in Season 4 that might be worth mentioning. I mean it was kind of TNG's high point and it seemed like business as usual. I mean looking at the seasons:

Season 1: Luanch of the series
Season 2: Gates McFadden leaving and the writers strike
Season 3: New Showrunner/Some of the series best episodes
Season 4: ? (I guess wrapping up BOBW, but Mike Pillar did a great job explaining how that happened in the original features)
Season 5: The Death of Gene Roddenberry
Season 6: The launch of another Star Trek series and the possibility of movies featuring the TNG cast
Season 7: The end of the series, All good Things.., and Generations

So what can they talk about in Season 4? Just how everything seemed to run on all cylinders? That seems kind of boring.

Anyway, hopefully that was a question you asked, and looking forward to the rest.
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