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Re: TOS Enterprise - function of warp nacelles' caps?

Timo wrote: View Post
Good question. Most of that looks unfamiliar. Is the BoP sketch in front of Nimoy based on the Empire Strikes Back shuttle? Are those Starfleet ground cars on the sketch atop that one?
One of the sketches does seem to show what might be movie Trek-era ground vehicles, but it's impossible to see whether they would roll by wheels or hover (and if there aren't wheels, one might also argue it could be a spacedock shuttle concept instead). There are two copies of the four-nacelled Excelsior concept sketch, a BOP concept that looks pretty close to the final version, and it's hard to judge about the one that resembles the Lambda class Star Wars shuttle. I'm tempted to wonder if perhaps it's intended as a sketch for a Starfleet facility, with the white parts being sails or arches, and one of the wide shuttles flying nearby. I could entirely be wrong on that of course.

It's also possible that the "vehicle" sketch is actually a bridge or room with control panels, since there's a large rectangular object that's bright yellow (viewscreen? Could be a 23rd century advertisement/billboard if these were ground vehicles). The vehicles would then be control panels. Perhaps a concept for Excelsior's bridge?

I rather like the Khan picture in any case.

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