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Re: Billie Piper not involved in 50th anniversary

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Or written out between episodes. "Where's Dodo?" "Oh, she decided to stay behind here on the 60s, and she told us off screen to say she was leaving. Here's her key." "Oh well then, why don't you come along in her place?"
That was Ben and Polly from the Hartnell Disco story, right?
That's the one. I believe the story was War Games. The actress was contracted for a certain number of episodes. They decided not to renew her contract, even though it ended halfway through the story. So they had her take a nap, and we've never heard from her again.
Heh, that was pretty rude of her, not to even bother saying goodbye to The Doctor. And, also, pretty uncaring of The Doctor to just take their word for it, no questions asked. For all he knows, they could've mugged her and left her bleeding in an Alley
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